Diocesan Management Resources = DMR

Welcome to the DMR website for employees in the Diocese of Palm Beach! The name has changed from the Bookkeepers Website to one more aptly appropriate for the work we all do and what can be found on this site: the Diocesan Management Resources Website. In the weeks ahead, you'll come to call it as those in the Pastoral Center do: the DMR site.

If you look at the definition of resource, you’ll see why we changed the name. A resource is a source of supply, support or aid, especially one that can readily be called upon when needed. The look has changed but the departments or categories where you find the information is similar. 

The DMR contains forms, policies, training videos and other information used by employees including Bookkeepers, Parish Office Managers, Loss Control, Parish Catechetical Leaders, Maintenance and Priests. As we’ve updated the look and improved navigation, we have updated the site with more resources to enhance your job and make it easier on you. We’ve also upgraded security and access levels.  

A username and password is required to get access to the pages of the DMR. If you do not have one, you must contact the Business Office/Office Manager of your diocesan parish, school or entity, who then must contact the diocesan Office of Human Resourses for DMR Access Authorization information.